stands for Digital Research Artificial Neural Network Intelligence Expert.

It is a real-time AI-based dental needs assessment to help people seeking help identify their dental needs.

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The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy, functional occlusion, reduce decay gum disease, injury, promote oral health, and general physical health. However, provider shortages, geographic remoteness, busy lifestyle, lack of transportation, and cost are common barriers to access screening and direct examination by a specialist or on the diagnostic cast. Alternatively, studies showed that orthodontists could rely on digital images for assessing the malocclusion.

DR. ANNIETM developed by DigiBrain4TM is an Artificial Intelligence application which proved1 to be capable of detecting and localizing many types of dental problems, understanding clinical dental images, and identifies many dental problems, like Orthodontics, Decay and Restorative incidences.

1.Study by Kaboudan A, Talaat S, Bourauel C, Handono A, (2021) DR. ANNIETM has been tested by 1,500 images in 300 solid cases, prove that there was a strong agreement between DR. ANNIETM and HLD index which commonly used to assess the severity of malocclusion from intra oral clinical images index, by 99.26%.


How DR. ANNIETM as a Mobile and Web Application Processing Intraoral image into Assessment.

  • The AI analytic engine of DR. ANNIETM can help determine the various types of dental needs based on several captured/uploaded intraoral images and make it into dental assessment submission.
  • DR. ANNIETM is capable of localizing the findings and determining the actual position of the problems in the dental arch, reporting the exact coordinates and arch segment.
  • DR. ANNIETM divides each dental arch into 8 regions, 4 on the right side and 4 on the left side. This will total to 16 regions, 8 on the upper arch, and 8 on the lower arch.
  • Results produced by DR. ANNIETM were segmented into 16 regions, then, DR. ANNIETM automatically produced a well formatted spreadsheet. The total score for each arch was computed, as well as the grand total of all Orthodontic problems in both arches.
  • Find clinic using the selected assessment result with iSmartOfficeTM.
  • The assessment result will due to Health Information Privacy Act Agreement (HIPAA), means all assessment results will on be displayed under Private Case.


DR.ANNIETM (Digital Research Artificial Neural Network Intelligence Expert), developed by DigiBrain4TM is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) application capable of detecting and localizing many types of dental problems, based on patented neural network design.

DR.ANNIETM is featured in iSmartOfficeTM applications and can be downloaded at Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

DR. ANNIETM is available as an AI cloud API, and can be accessed from anywhere or from any computer application on the World Wide Web. DR. ANNIETM can be accessed through:https://patient.ismartoffice.ai/

How to use DR. ANNIETM click here for more detail: Documentation 1


DR. ANNIETM will help patients to find the most appropriate possible nearby dental providers (clinics) which will provide the best treatment possible, with the best price and service possible. Furthermore, it helps people build some foundation knowledge about their dental care.

This opens a new window for home care automated assessment; done by the patients themselves as a preliminary dental exam/ screening tool, by presenting images produced through mobile devices (app), according to specific instructions, and immediately get a summary of the problems and a treatment difficulty hint.

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